this is future

a battery made of nature's extracts



aloe e-cell

Aloe E-cell is not just a product its the need of today.

Its an Eco-Friendly approach to quench the thirst of your devices.

We at Aloe Ecell have created world's first 100% Eco friendly and non hazardous batteries using ALOEVERA.
We have replaced the toxic and hazardous chemicals of the batteries with the herbal electrolyte.

aloe e-cell

Address :

Uttar pradesh : Rajiv Nagar Lucknow, 226022 UP

Rajasthan : Suman E-Planet, Bundi 323001, Rajasthan

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Naveen Suman, Co-founder

In the end, nature will win aloe e-cell will be a revolution. there are infinite possibilities  

Nimisha Varma, Co-founder

Aloe e-cell is future's need its a step forward towards the sustainable development and reducing carbon footprint.