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Naya Savera "An initiative for free online education in remote areas"

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Online class!! Online learning !! Digital classrooms !! Seems convenient..but is it same for everyone ? Let's throw some light on few of the facts- While 24% Indians own a smartphone, only 11% of households possess any type of computer, which could include desktop computers etc.

Moreover, only 15% of rural households have access to internet services !! Is it viable to start teaching online and dispel the darkness of illiteracy ?? Or should we reopen the schools despite the spread of Covid 19 ?? Or should we let our youth's future in darkness ?? I think none of the option is instead of expecting the govt to take care of everything..we should put our step forward for our students. To mark our first anniversary, we at ALOE ECELL PVT LTD started an initiative-- Naya Savera : where we will be installing electronic media including laptops, desktops, screens etc for students in rural areas so that they can brighten their future by the lamps of education.

Glimpse of First desktop installation in Village Jhunwasa, post Maiza Rajasthan

You can support us in this initiative. To be a part of Naya Savera:one can contribute by 1. Helping financially 2. Taking online classes. 3. Counseling the students. 4. Outreach. 5. Donating Desktops, laptops etc

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