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Our frugal innovation to combat Covid-19

When covid cases started to rise in india there was lack of Protective equipments. At then we came up with a frugal innovation of face shield made from local resources. As there was country wide lockdown. We designed the product in one day. Procured raw material and

from next day we started in house manufacturing from the next day. We Pledged to provide free face shields in Kota, Bundi and such tier 3 districts of Rajasthan to the people related to the medical staff, Police department, Bank employees, other essential commodities providers and all those who are in high risk environment. Every day we increased our production capacity .

Our campaign turned into a mass movement :

We started to get orders from all around the country but we decided do keep it as a social responsibility.

We were covered by the national media for the contribution and endorsed by U.S. embassy & health minister of rajasthan.

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