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How we are Building A Better Battery World

There was no existence of e-waste but in less than 2 decades it has become the fastest-growing waste on the earth and its major part are batteries but the question arises how are we handling this battery problem!

This is still unclear but batteries can be recycled and repurposed. There are many segments of batteries some are widely recycled like lead acid, Lithium-ion but there are segments that are left to incineration and brimming up the landfills, and some are mixed with solid waste.

We at Aloe Ecell aim to make a Better Battery World. Our eco-friendly batteries will surely one day take over the hazardous ones but what about the existing harmful batteries?

In India alone, 87% of batteries are not recycled and in the case of household batteries, no proper collection mechanism is available. The reason is obvious their recycling is not feasible keeping the unit economics in mind

but in the case of price-sensitive markets like India, this problem gets even bigger

where the market is dominated by cheaper alternatives, and recycling is missing.

There is something that needs to be done for these


We are establishing an Intricate Pilot initiative to set up a collection mechanism, an eco-friendly process of recycling, repurposing, and tracing the supply chain over blockchain to meet our end goal which is feasibility and scalability in battery recycling.

This pilot project is a foundation stone towards our aim of a Better Battery World.

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